Ale is an 18 year old Toronto based artist.  She was a “silver singer” in the recently DORA nominated Musical Stage Co./Outside the March production “Dr. Silver” and is a member of the recently formed JAK trio.  Ale has performed at many venues in Toronto including Supermarket,
Free Times Cafe, 55 Bar in New York and with artists Avril Lavigne, the Three Tenors and Jena Malone. Ale was recently accepted to Berklee, UofT, York and Humber and is excited to pursue a Bachelor of Music in September.   Ale hopes to link audiences to Jazz’s 100-year history while at the same time making it completely unique to her generation.

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Azalyne is an emerging singer/songwriter.  She plays the piano, guitar, electric guitar and the bass guitar. Azalyne has always loved music and hopes to use music to bring joy and happiness to people’s lives. Azalyne has been performing for 6 years and finds her sound is modern jazz.  She has been performing both as a solo artist and with a band in over 100 shows with a busy summer ahead as a solo artist at many festivals and town events throughout Ontario. Azalyne wrote and composed her original, “You Are Mighty”, which is available on all streaming platforms.  Azalyne plans to go back into the studio this year to complete several other original songs.  

Instagram: @azalyneklukowski

Formed over a year ago, A Weekend at Ramona’s is an Indie Rock group that will be sure to get you moving! While initially just a school hobby, the band has quickly become a main priority of its members. The band consists of Chris Munro on vocals and guitar, Ben Nunes on guitar, Nina Iglesias on bass and Nick Caputo on drums. The groups sound has been described as fun, bouncy and lighthearted with the sprinkling of some more hard-hitting tracks. The band always makes sure to put all of their passion into their live show to make sure the audience is having just as much fun as they are!

Instagram: @aweekendatramonas

Blue Opaline is a seriously committed rock band. Young and determined, they want to be heard through the music they make. The focus is on writing songs first – fully developed ideas with real structure, real stories and real choruses and hooks. The sound is centered around power house vocals from 16 year old Ariyena Sorani, deep grooves from old soul bassist 16 year old Wyatt Garvin, funky rhythmic beats from 14 year old drummer Thomas Carli and heavy guitar riffs from 15 year old Gabe Levy. They all met through music rock camps or arts high schools. They are friends first and this is core for building trust, having fun and most importantly encouraging each other to stay focused on making music that matters. Blue Opaline is creating a buzz that is life style. Taking the best of the old and the vibe of the new and slamming it together with a unique fashion sense and just the freedom to be kids who want to rock. They each bring their own unique style of music to the band and are not afraid to experiment with mixing it all together. Blue Opaline can be seen playing in festivals and filling in crowds at various venues. Their set includes original music with a few fun covers. Their anticipated first EP release is scheduled for July 2019

Instagram: @blue_opaline
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Facebook: @blueopaline
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Celia and Annie Siriopoulos, are sister songwriters from Markham, Ontario. Together they make up the Alternative/Pop duo Caardia. Highlighted performances include CP24 Breakfast Weekend Television, annual performances at The Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery, CBC Radio, and The Rivoli. They have been featured on the CBC/Fresh Air, IndieCan/The Verge Channel on Sirius XM, Global News, CTV, Rogers TV, Girls’ World Magazine, ALTo Magazine, Snapd, The Markham Economist, Pappas Post, Agape Greek Radio, and other Greek media worldwide.
Selected by judges from thousands of entries, Caardia were among the Top 50 finalists in the 2019 CBC Searchlight Competition.
Other performances include: Taste of the Danforth, The Linsmore, Supermarket, Free Times Café, Brave TO, Pure Philanthropy, City of Markham events, East End Arts, Kick the Stigma/Michael Garron Hospital, and Salute to Olympic Athletes such as Andre De Grasse, and much more.
They are permanent performers on Main Street Unionville hosting open mics and street performing. This year’s highlight will be performing at the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest.
In partnership with the City of Toronto, they are the co-founders and co-organizers of Toronto’s annual youth music festival – Youth Jam TO (Youth Jam Canada) with Mayor John Tory in attendance. This year’s event is on June 22nd at Christie Pits Park.
Due to their work on Youth Jam, they have been asked to speak at numerous youth music conferences, participate/have their own stage at a music festival in Toronto and attend a music planning event with the City of Toronto.
Celia and Annie are recipients of the York Region Celebration of the Arts Bursary for vocals.
They are also social activists dealing with issues that affect the youth of today. They are public speakers with an anti- bullying organization called “Kill It With Kindness”, and have recently been featured in a book called “Awaken Your Inner Hero”- a book of 50 social activists.
In 2018 Caardia released their debut EP, The Deep End and are currently working on their second EP with JUNO/CCMA Award-winning producer Chris Perry. The first single entitled Walking Away will be released in May 2019.
They hope to continue to inspire people and move them with their music.

Instgram: @caardiaofficial

Downtown Traffic is a 4 piece band of 13 year old boys from Toronto ready to rock the stage. They all met while playing on the same hockey team 3 years ago at the age of 10. It became clear very quickly that these guys had more to offer the world that just a great slap shot! Playing cover songs that rock, they are in tune with classic artists like Jimi Hendrix and the Who as well as alternative rock from Green Day and Weezer. Audiences can expect an energetic, entertaining and engaging performance at every show.

Instagram: @downtowntraffic2019

Dylan Usher is an artist from Milton, Ontario. His love of music started in high school, fuelled through drama classes and competitive Improv teams. Music followed him into college, where he started writing numerous original pieces, producing demos for himself and performing them at college mic nights. In 2018, he released his first single on Apple Music and Spotify, with 2 more singles released January 15, 2019. With a focus on soulful vocals and darker sounds, Dylan Usher delivers an alternative take on Pop Music. Drawing inspiration from artists like The Weeknd, SonLux, Kanye West, Muse, and James Blake, he creates a space in the pop genre that explores a more personal reflection of one’s self.

Instagram: @dylanushr
Twitter: @dylanushr

‘Don’t be fooled by her quiet demeaner, cuz when Em Jordan gets on stage, you’ll realize there’s nothing quiet about her’
At just 14 years old, Em Jordan has performed on countless stages, from The Bluebird Café in Nashville, Tennessee, to across the GTA, and surrounding areas. 2018 was a big year for Em Jordan, as she released her debut single, self-titled, ‘House Of Cards’, and did her first tour out to Sudbury and Manitoulin Island, with several stops along the way, where she not only performed at Festivals, and Venues alike, but was invited into some schools to sing, and share a piece of her Story, as part of a performance based presentation called ‘The Art Of Influence’.
Though on the surface you’d never tell, Em Jordan has had more obstacles & challenges to overcome, in just 13 years, than some people face in a lifetime. Em was born with a Spinal Cord condition known as Spina Bifida, a birth defect that presents a number of different daily, and life-long obstacles, and challenges. Often, but not always, a person living with Spina Bifida as severely as Em does, would need the physical assistance of a wheelchair or walking aid. It’s because of her experiences, through living with Spina Bifida, that,  among so many of Ems goals and aspirations as a Singer/Songwriter and Performer, she is passionate about using her voice to not only raise awareness of the condition, but to also get involved in her community, and show the world that people don’t need to be defined by their story, or the challenges that they’re faced with, but can rather use those obstacles to redefine what is possible when we focus on the abilities we do have.
‘House Of Cards’, the debut single of Em Jordan, is a direct reflection of her story, through which she hopes to educate, and inspire other people to rise above their own obstacles and challenges, to use their voice, be heard, and Re-Define what is possible.
‘House Of Cards’, and Em Jordan, can be found across all Streaming Platforms, and she’s looking forward to new music, lots more shows, and touring, into 2019 and beyond!
Em is currently back in the studio with Engineer & Producer, Paul Gigliotti, of Niagara Falls, and formerly of the band ‘WAVE’, and is headed down to perform in Las Vegas in June, at a National Conference for Spina Bifida.

Spotify: House of Cards
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Facebook: emjordanmusic
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Lydia Stafford is an emerging singer, songwriter living in Kingston, Ontario. Utilizing her high school as a performance training ground, the sixteen year old has already performed at Walt Disney and has
been impressing audiences at events and festivals with her soulful covers and vulnerable originals. In 2018, she performed as the opening act for “Elevate an evening with Margaret Trudeau”, and was named a favourite at Kingston’s Home Grown Music Festival. Last summer, she performed at Toronto’s Youth Jam Canada to support youth in music. Other performances include, Kingston’s Women’s Art Festival, The Embassy Live Music Café, Walk for Kids Mental Health and Kingston’s Chamber Gala Awards. Lydia placed Second in Ontario’s largest singing contest and her audience only continues to grow. She is committed to developing her passion for becoming an original songwriter and is dedicated to building her entrepreneurial skills as a performing artist.

Instagram: @_lydia_stafford_

“PURE ENERGY AND ROOTSY BLUES SASS” – MusicOntario Madison Galloway is an emerging voice in Canadian roots music. She takes the stage with her band and signature blend of earthy rock and blues, consistently turning heads with a high-energy and engaging performance! They charm audiences with toe-tapping originals, reaching back to pay homage to the great artists of the past while forging a sound all their own. They switch it up between acoustic, slide and electric guitars, harmonica, keys, ukulele, banjo and more to deliver catchy, folk-inspired tunes in an incredible live show! At times gritty and groovy, and at others sweet and sunny, the fun never stops!

Info/Bookings: 519-616-3313
Facebook: @madisongallowaymusic
Instagram: @madisongallowaymusic
Twitter: @madison13music
YouTube: Madison Galloway
Bandcamp: Madison Galloway

At sixteen, pop songstress RIA has done more in her young life than many established artists can attest to. But that’s no surprise to anyone who meets the driven and exceptionally talented young girl who took to the stage at 7 years of age and embarked on a journey of passion that has seen her jump from success to success. With her powerful, unique vocal style and striking eyes of greenish/grey, her presence was immediate as she began her professional career in 2014, participating in “Mini Pop Kids 12” and a year later “Mini Pop Kids 13”. This led to tours and afforded her casting opportunities for television, including participating in the first season of CTV’s “The Launch”.
It was there that labels took interest in the Toronto native’s exceptional talent and she soon landed a deal with Arrival Music Group Inc., which began recording her soon to be released debut EP.
“The music will be modern, contemporary, a variation of different things, but you can hear an old school vibe, hip, SZA kind of vibe. It takes you all over.”
Now in grade 11, Ria, or Victoria Azevedo, as she is known to those in her community, divides her time between study and studio and shares her inspirational outlook by saying, “Be true to yourself and don’t let anyone change you just because they don’t like what you are doing. I think uniqueness is essential, especially with this generation. Bring out what’s different because that’s the whole point. If we were all the same, life would be boring.” With the launch of her debut single “I’m Good” already getting major airplay and a tour being prepared, RIA is poised to share her unique passion with the world and can guarantee that her performances, like her life, will be anything but boring.

Instagram: @victoriaaazevedo

Rose Jones is a singer-songwriter. She is a self-taught musician and has been writing songs and playing guitar since she was 14. Rose has played at numerous locations in Toronto; such as Cadillac Lounge, Hard Rock Cafe, The Boat, and The Handle Bar. Recently, she released her debut single, “Bruised” which can be found on Spotify and Apple Music. Right now she is working on more new music! Rose hopes to heal and inspire her listeners through the stories she shares not only in her music but from her life.

Instagram: @rosetwentyseven
Facebook: rosetwentyseven
Twitter: @rosetwentyseven 
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Sarabellum A group of young musicians, passionate about the music they create, taking inspiration from the old days of rock and turning it into their own.
Instagram: @sarabellum_official

Stonedhour is a band that comes from the depths of hell. Consists of singer stone Freddy, guitarist Stone beat, bassist Stone Sal and drummer “just Sean”. They play stuff ranging from classic rock to trap rap and a little EDM. STONEDHOUR aspires to one day play an encore where they didn’t ask the crowd to chant it before the show.

Instagram: @stonedhour

Coming from Oakville, The Cooks are a four man band consisting of Daniel Arceo, David Romero, Matheus DaSilva and Jeremy Wu. They have played many local shows in their hometown and the GTA including last year’s youth jam. The Cooks are always guaranteed to put on a high energy and rocking show.

Instagram: @thecooksband

The Get Alongs have been around for 3 years, they play Indie Rock and are happy to be a part of Youth Jam.

Instagram: @thegetalongss

 The Jazzmasters are a blues rock band comprised of four high school friends from Oakville. They are fans of many different genres and artists, including classic rock, indie, blues, and jazz, and are huge admirers of Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and John Mayer to name just a few. Jamming together for the last couple of years, The Jazzmasters love to share their favourite songs and put on an old-fashioned show full of loud drums and plenty of guitar solos. 

Instagram: @_jazzmasters_
You Tube: Jazzmasters

A band from Toronto, Canada. Formed at Etobicoke School of the Arts in 2016. Just trying to make some great tunes for you to listen to. In 2017, after a summer of live shows in and around Toronto, we went into the Green Door Studio in Roncesvalles Village and recorded our first album “Community Protected” in 6 and 1/2 hours, live off the floor (one or two takes per song). The first song we recorded that day was “You Left Town”, and the last one was “Walking On The Water.” And yeah, Tristan really did say “Blessed” two seconds before we recorded the second take of “Walking On The Water”. The success of that album led us to go back behind the Green Door in the summer of 2018 to record our follow-up “Goodbye Childhood”. We spent the fall and winter mixing this record, inviting our guest musician friends to help build our vision. “Goodbye Childhood” was produced by Ethan Surman, Wyeth Robertson & John Critchley.

Instagram: @neighbourhoodwatchtoronto

The Roovs are a Toronto based Rock band who’s influences range from classic rock to soul, jazz, and Indie rock. The band consists of lead singer Ethan Surman, lead guitarist Joe Berardinucci, Bassist Isaac Seglins, Drummer/guitarist matt sagar and Ben Robinson who plays the keys, drums and guitar. They have been playing together for just over 6 months, playing gigs around the city, and recording some of their songs. The Roovs plan to record their first full length album during the summer of 2019.

Instagram: @roovsband

Third Stone is a Blues/Rock garage band from Oakville, Ontario. Born out of love from bands such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Cream, we long to bring back the forgotten sound of the ’60s and ’70s.Stage Plot/Technical Requirement: We have two guitarists and one drummer, so all we will need is a mic and drum set.Number of People in band: 3 (Braeden Carroll, Giovanni Sautto-Rocha, and Liam Krysmanski).

Instagram: @Thirdstoneband

Trafik is a two man band with 16 year old Simon on vocals and bass and 12 year old Seamus on drums. They have been writing, playing, and performing together for years. They are brothers from North Bay who blend their love of classic rock, blues, and alternative vibes in to a sound completely their own.

Instagram: @trafiktheband